Where’s the River? is a project of Idaho Rivers United. Idaho Rivers United is a non-profit conservation organization representing all who love Idaho’s rivers. The mission is to protect and restore the rivers of Idaho. Since being founded in 1990, Idaho Rivers United has become a powerful force for safeguarding Idaho’s imperiled wild steelhead and salmon, enhancing stream flows and riparian areas, protecting and maintaining clean water, and defending and promoting the wild and scenic qualities of our state’s great rivers.

Idaho Rivers United’s 3,500 members are river lovers who work together to keep our rivers healthy, full of fish and flourishing for generations to come.

The Boise River is one of Idaho’s largest rivers. Rising from the wild peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains, the Boise River passes through the center of Boise, Idaho’s largest city. The Boise River then crosses one of Idaho’s most productive agricultural regions before joining the Snake River. More than half of Idaho’s population lives in the Boise River watershed.

Because the Boise River provides so many valuable benefits and faces unrelenting development pressure, in 2005 Idaho Rivers United established the Boise River Campaign to focus organizational resources on protecting and enhancing this vital waterway. Innovative and entertaining, Where’s the River aims to alert a broad audience to the Boise River’s benefits and the challenges facing it.

The Where’s the River? project has two goals. First, to increase public understanding of all of the values of the Boise River and inspire our communities to bring that understanding to each and every decision. Second, to make sure that all Boise River ecosystem benefits are accurately described and measured, where possible, and that public and private decisionmakers, including each of us, have this information and take it into consideration.

The Where’s the River? project is made possible with funding from The Bullitt Foundation, United Water Idaho, Mountain West Bank and the members of Idaho Rivers United.

Research assistance: Brice Froschhauser, student, Boise State University, Department of Economics.
Website design and content support: Greg Stahl, Diane Ronayne and Jonathan Wight.

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