The River Guy Films

Director Andy Lawless on the set.

Director Andy Lawless on the set.

Idaho Rivers United will release four short films over the next two months showing viewers where to find the Boise River and delivering some good laughs in the process. The first film, “In Your Romance” debuts on September 17 and the remaining three videos will be released over the following six weeks.

The four films feature the quirky River Guy who tours the Treasure Valley, surprising people at each stop by pointing out the Boise River in unexpected places. “Where’s the river?” he asks. “It’s in your flowers!” Or, “Where’s the river? It’s in your beer!”

Actor Dwayne Blackaller, Boise Contemporary Theater Education Director and Associate Artist, has appeared in many local productions and plays the role of The River Guy. Jodi Peterson, a freelance marketing, advertising and event producer created the concept for “The River Guy.” The films are directed by Andy Lawless, an award-winning filmmaker who has produced documentary, corporate, commercial, and feature films.

Idaho Rivers United brought this creative team together to help people understand that the Boise River is more than just a pretty place. Liz Paul, Boise River Campaign Coordinator for Idaho Rivers United, says she’s discovered that many benefits provided by the Boise River are commonly overlooked when individual and community decisions are made.

“Decisionmakers, including each of us, don’t seem to understand how important a clean and healthy Boise River is. The river doesn’t just flow through our communities,” she said. “It supports our entire economy and makes our lives here possible. But more than that, the Boise River is part of our heritage and our culture, and it defines us. We risk losing our priceless river if we don’t understand exactly where the river is.”

Research conducted by Boise State University and others supports IRU’s message that the Boise River has a major impact on the Treasure Valley’s economy, environment, health and wellness, and culture.