The Boise River is part of our heritage.

The Boise River has attracted people to this valley for thousands of years. Past residents left a clear mark on the river, but just as importantly, the river shaped them and their communities.

The Boise River continues to shape us and our communities.

The Boise River, like our valley’s historic buildings and districts, reveals aspects of our communities origins and development. The river also reveals much about our evolving relationship with the natural world.

The Boise River is a historic landscape that tells stories of our past, enhances our sense of community and brings us closer together.

By protecting the Boise River, we  protect our heritage and honor the memory of those who lived with the Boise River before us.

  • The river connects us to the Native Americans who gathered in the valley to hunt game and fish for chinook salmon and steelhead that plied the river’s water.
  • The river connects us to the prospectors who poured into the Boise Basin to mine for gold.
  • The river connects us to the early settlers who diverted the river to grow food and developed a far-reaching system to irrigate the Valley’s arid land.
  • The river connects us to the city builders, the dam builders, and the bridge builders who wrestled the river to allow people to live and work in the valley.

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memorialbridge historic

Vintage Postcard. Memorial Bridge, Boise River