Do YOU Know Where the River Is?

The Boise River is more than just a pretty place – much more. Join The River Guy as he makes sure we know where the Boise River is: in our romance, in our food, in our culture and in our whole way of life. You’ll see the Boise River through new eyes as you use this website to discover the many benefits of the Boise River and the ecosystem it supports.

Please use this website to understand how to cherish the Boise River so it continues to feed, inspire, surprise and soothe us.

Idaho Rivers United will help us protect our Boise River, but we each have a job to do.
Sign the River Pledge today to show that you cherish the Boise River and promise to take action to keep it clean and healthy.


In Your Culture

Director: Andy Lawless, Hipshot Productions

Creative: Andy Lawless, Dwayne Blackaller, Jodi Peterson

Actors: Dwayne Blackaller and Pat Lawless

River Guy’s dog: Eddy Sedivy

Project Manager and Producer of Video Campaign: Jodi Peterson
Production Assistance: Dan Allers, Idaho Cinematic Equipment
Sound: Dylan Lawless

In Your Culture was filmed with the much-appreciated cooperation of:

Boise State University: Office of the President, Department of Athletics, Office of Trademark, Licensing and Enforcement, and Facilities Management
The Office of the Mayor and Boise Mayor Dave Bieter
Boise Department of Parks and Recreation
Steve Hatten, Kathleen McRoberts, Halle Hatten, Harrison Hatten and Heidi Hatten
Max and Sam Peterson

Support for the Where’s the River? project is provided by the Bullitt Foundation, United Water Idaho, Mountain West Bank and the members of Idaho Rivers United.

Produced by Idaho Rivers United

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