Idaho Rivers United fights mining exploration in headwaters

Idaho Families for Clean Water Submits Comments on Supplemental Environmental Assessment

September 2013: Idaho Families for Clean Water – a coalition of groups and individuals including Idaho Rivers United – submitted detailed comments to the Boise National Forest on the draft supplemental Environmental Analysis on mineral exploration at the CuMo site near Idaho City. The comments raise additional questions about the impact the exploration will have on ground and surface water quality and on the ability of regulators to ensure all work is done properly.

Map of CuMo Mineral Project area

Idaho Families for Clean Water comments on CuMo Supplemental Environmental Assessment

In 2012, District Court Judge Edward Lodge had ordered the Boise National Forest to do additional review of the road building and core drilling the Canadian mining company proposed to do in the upper Grimes Creek watershed.

Please visit the Idaho Rivers United website for more details on the lawsuit, court order and the CuMo mining project.

Thank you to all of the citizens who attended the public open houses during September and all those that submitted comments. The government shutdown will delay further action on the analysis.

Idaho Rivers United has long been concerned with the possibility that large mines will be built in the headwaters of the Boise River, the source of our drinking and irrigation water and a natural place that supports abundant wildlife and recreation.

We’ve been watch dogging mineral exploration by a Canadian mining company in the headwaters of Grimes Creek, not far from Idaho City, for over five years. The company claims the site is the largest unmined source of molybdenum in the world, and their promotional materials have featured an enormous open pit mine.

Would you like to see what the upper Grimes Creek watershed looks like? Would you like to learn more about historic mining in the area? Would you like to see Idaho’s largest molybdenum mine? Check out this awesome Google Earth Tour. It will play in your internet browser even if you don’t have Google Earth installed.

Take the Tour! CuMo and Thompson Creek Google Earth Tour

CuMo drill site 2009

CuMo drill site 2009

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