Food Video

In Your Food


Director: Andy Lawless, Hipshot Productions

Creative: Andy Lawless, Dwayne Blackaller, Jodi Peterson

Actors: Dwayne Blackaller, Mike Baltzell

Poet: Lee Rice

River Guy’s dog: Eddy Sedivy

Poet’s Dog: Popcorn Rice

Project Manager and Producer of Video Campaign: Jodi Peterson
Production Assistance: Dan Allers, Idaho Cinematic Equipment
Sound: Dylan Lawless

In Your Food was filmed with the much-appreciated cooperation of:

Lee Rice, Rice Family Farms
Janie Burns, Meadowlark Farm
Caldwell Farmers Market
Bob Purivs, Purvis Nursery and Orchard
Mike Harris and Aaron Makashima, Mountain West Bank
Zeppole Bakery

Support for the Where’s the River? project is provided by the Bullitt Foundation, United Water Idaho, Mountain West Bank and the members of Idaho Rivers United.

Produced by Idaho Rivers United


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