Life Video

In Your Life


Director: Andy Lawless, Hipshot Productions

Creative: Andy Lawless, Dwayne Blackaller, Jodi Peterson

Actors: Dwayne Blackaller

River Guy’s dog: Eddy Sedivy

Project Manager and Producer of Video Campaign: Jodi Peterson
Production Assistance: Dan Allers, Idaho Cinematic Equipment
Sound: Dylan Lawless

In Your Life was filmed with the much-appreciated cooperation of:

Jodi, Sam and Max Peterson

Yetti Wattling, Josh King, Donny Harrison, and Laurin Shellenbaum, Sockeye Brewery

Marty Barker and Mark Snider, United Water Idaho

Support for the¬†Where’s the River?¬†project is provided by the Bullitt Foundation, United Water Idaho, Mountain West Bank and the members of Idaho Rivers United.

Produced by Idaho Rivers United

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