Readers Share – Where’s the River?

Where’s the Boise River?  Sign the Boise River Pledge and tell us!


“In my tomatoes, in my drinking water, in my lawn, in my shower, in my dog.” Caile

“It’s in the heart of this valley and its people. Take care of it, protect its flows, fish, wildlife — all of it.”  Tom

“The river is under our feet, our boats, our property; in our hills, our homes, our air; around our fish, above our fountains, and throughout our trees. Without the river, Boise wouldn’t be where Boise is — Boise wouldn’t be what Boise is. The river is in our food, and therefore in our blood, and therefore in our hearts.” Scott

“It’s in all of the critters who visit and live around our home – the ducks, the raccoons, skunk, deer and even that pesky little mink who’s been by a time or two.” Janet

” the Boise WaterShed Environmental Education Center.  Learn all about the who, what, where, where why and how to protect the Boise River there.” Cindy

“The Boise River is only now beginning to be more of what it started out to be. While some things can’t be undone, we need to be vigilant in her defense.” Dave

“It is what keeps me reflective!” Andy

“It’s in the long bird-watching walks I take along the Greenbelt with my pup, Eddy!” Bill


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